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Custom built homes that suit your family's needs
Bass Homes is second to none when it comes to custom-tailored building, "The American Dream Home", for each and every home buyer. Bass Homes is the only southern company that can custom design each home to meet the buyer's exact needs. Considering what Bass Homes delivers consistently to each and every home buyer, look no further than a company that has over 30 years of satisfied customers.


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This delightful 1,759 square feet Maplewood design has a large kitchen which is a must for those who love to prepare and lends the extra space needed when others intrude while the chef is at work or play. The huge living room is enhanced by its high ceilings and stone fireplace front. Of course, you can be contemporary and put ceramic or wood around the fireplace. The formal entrance is most modern and you can get your kitchen straight from your garage with ease, even if mother nature is pouring rain. This home, with its amenities and custom features, make it a great buy for its price and is sure to please the buyer.

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