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Exceptional Custom Builders in Alabama
Bass Homes is second to none when it comes to custom builders in Alabama. We provide clients with their concept of, "The American Dream Home". Bass Homes is the only southern company that can custom design a house to meet the buyer's exact needs. Considering that Bass Homes delivers consistently to each and every homebuyer, look no further than a company that has over 30 years of satisfied customers across Stapleton, Baldwin County, Mobile County, Southern Mississippi, and the state of Alabama.

Custom New Home Builders
Serving Stapleton and Mobile, AL

Client Services
Thank you for considering Bass Homes as your custom homebuilder, we are eager to begin working with you on your dream home. We attribute all of our success to our ability to offer the best customer service and satisfaction in the area. We consistently deliver our customer�s dream home based on their communicated needs and wants. No corners are ever cut, no details are ever overlooked and the work is completed without compromise. We make sure that each home reflects top quality craftsmanship.

Building a Custom Home
We understand what it takes to build a custom home, and we know how much of a task it seems to our clients. We strongly believe that the most important aspect of building a custom home is trust in your homebuilder. At Bass Homes, you won't be alone to take care of the process; we specifically walk you through each process as straightforward as possible. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer some of the best home plans in Alabama.

Initial Meeting
Once you've decided on one of our homes, or decide on a custom home design, the first thing that needs to happen is that we need to find a home site. Our team will walk you through this process. Generally, having a home site picked out comes before designing the home, however, in some cases we can work with any property.

Once you've decided on a home site, we can sit with you and fill in all the specifications that will go with your home and lot. This phase includes figuring out your budget price; this process usually takes a couples hours. Once we have the budget assessed, it's always good to check on financing; generally you can be pre-qualified in a couple days.

Before we start the design process, the home site will need to be under contract. If you've purchased the home site from an outside party, we will assist you with the process to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

Whether you've chosen a home from our design gallery, or you have a unique design in mind, we'll start this process with a questionnaire geared towards establishing a wish list for your family's needs for functionality. This is always subject to change and just gives us a point of reference in creating your design.

Most of our clients really enjoy being a part of the construction phase. We plan the process well enough up front so that we're not asking you questions, however there will be a number of times that you will be asked for approval or clarification during the process.

Punch Out
Punch Out is the terminology used to describe the process of correcting all deficient items in the home. This usually happens throughout the construction phase of the project. As a builder, keeping this phase to a minimum is the biggest challenge of the entire home building process.

During this stage you'll get a walk-through with your construction manager. The purpose of a walk-through is to help us identify any items that need completion or need to be adjusted. Our ultimate goal is have no defects or issues in your home by its completion.

Once everything is cleared, you get the keys to your brand new dream home. With the help of our custom builders in Alabama, we are sure you will enjoy your experience with Bass Homes, Inc.

You belong in a Bass Home
"When you choose Bass Homes to build your dream home, you have obviously made the right choice." You belong in a Bass Home because you deserve affordability, quality and the best of construction standards available today. You, the buyer, deserve the best in a home; which in our times is a lifetime investment.

However, with Bass Homes, Inc., generally speaking, and almost always, you move into your new home with almost instant equity. To say what we mean with a "matter of fact" speaking, if you were to resell your new home, you would have an instant profit from day one.

"Why not agree that you deserve to be in a Bass Home for all the right reasons and the basis that you deserve it."

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Bill Bass, Founder